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Inside the Closet

Sep 27, 2018

We're back! #InsideTheCloset had to take a little break because Emma and Matteo have some big things in the works that made scheduling a little tough. We talk sexy strippers, upcoming Snapchat shows, and plan a few shows in real time! Will we see you there?
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Sep 13, 2018

#InsideTheCloset is serving up some hot takes this week. Emma and Matteo share their thoughts on Cardi B V Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams V the US Open, and an article about their Netflix specials. We find out Emma's parents were manipulating her with breakfast sugar, and that Billie Jean King has a thing for mustachioed...

Sep 6, 2018

#InsideTheCloset is celebrating the wonderful feedback about the Netflix specials from our Closeteers. We love you guys. Speaking of love, Emma has some big news! We catch up on whatever is happening with Lindsay Lohan, Matteo reminisces about the most Italian lunch in Manhattan, and we get political. Also, would Matteo...